Cooking with Kaia

Mushroom Gravy

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This could NOT come at a better time, when the holidays are upon us, and warming dishes are all the rage! Plus, mushrooms are high in antioxidants, help boost our immune function, are high in iron and Vitamin D, while also being a rich source of Vitamins B2 & B3...what's not to love?!

'Tis the Season of Giving

Charity Spotlight

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When I volunteered to write about my favorite charity, I instantly thought of my first love, Sandpipers (  This fantastic organization came about 89 years ago when the Great Depression struck us.   Six women decided to make a difference by dedicating their time to helping feed and clothe desperate community members.  I joined this organization in 2003.  I have served as a board member for seven years and loved every minute of it.  "My year" as Philanthropy Vice President, I was able to assist in providing a Christmas to 105 families, and we gave out over $40,000 in emergency funds and aided via meals on wheels, weekly dinners to a women's shelter, and many other community projects.   However, upon thinking about it, Sandpipers is strictly a Southern California charity based on the geographic boundaries of the 105 and the 110 freeway.   If you are from So Cal, you will understand my use of "the" before each freeway.  LOL.

We Are Kaia Strong

How Kaia FIT is Working to Serve our Communities during COVID-19

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At Kaia FIT, our priority is keeping our community safe and strong during this time. 

Each studio has implemented the CDC recommendations to maintain a healthy community. 

The best way to stay strong through this season is to stay committed to our Kaia fundamentals. Keep your immune system strong, and continue the habits you've worked hard to create. 

Full Body Workout for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a great day to express gratitude. This year has not been an easy one for most, so it is an even better time to really think about the people, love, and joyous moments we have experienced. I am thankful this year especially, for being able to move my body. I have experienced many downs this year, as I am sure so many of us have.  One thing that has always helped me to boost my mood and attitude back up is by moving. So today, take some to get some movement in by maybe taking a walk, playing football outside, or taking part in this Thanksgiving at home workout and getting your sparkle on! 

No turkey trot in your area? Join us VIRTUALLY for an awesome Share the Love workout on Thanksgiving Day and a Yoga Mala on Pink Friday! Check the schedule here!