New Year – New You – New Goals

New Year – New You – New Goals

Do all of the different goal setting techniques leave your head spinning?  Check out these easy ways to dial in your life!

It’s time.  January is a month full of new expectations – a chance to renew the commitments we’ve made to enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves… to live our best life and pull ourselves up. 

So why can goal setting be so daunting? 

There’s SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound), MTO goals (Minimum, Target, Outrageous), “How much? By when?” goals, planning goals, work back from 10 years goals, and so many other goal setting techniques that require us to sit down and plan with excruciating detail what we want our lives to look like in one year, five years, and ten years that it’s no wonder some of us put off goal setting until our accountability partner gives us the awkward side glance when our vision board hasn’t been updated.  From last week. 

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to constantly be a perfect ten in every area of our lives, when what would be more realistic would be to move the needle, so to speak, in a few key areas of our lives and let those key pieces pull us forward.  We should be identifying the areas of our lives we are passionate about, and finding achievable ways to make it happen.  Benjamin Franklin once said “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”  So if you’re having trouble setting some of those big, hairy, audacious goals, here’s some tips:


Tip #1: When you win the morning, you win the day.

The less you’re expected to accomplish or remember before going to work (or workout!) for the day, the more likely you are to succeed.  Try not to start your day with broken promises, and put as many things together as possible the night before.  You should be responsible for not much more in the morning than brushing your teeth, eating breakfast and getting ready.  Bonus: get yourself ready before your kids get up in the morning.  There’s less chaos and you won’t feel as rushed. 


Tip #2: Have a weekly routine.

Not that every week is going to look exactly the same, but by the weekend you should have accomplished most or all of what you would like to have gotten done for your business and personal life.  Have a regular grocery day. Work on your most important tasks in the morning.  Do a few chores at night so the weekend isn’t full of catching up.  At least one of your weekend days should be a play day!  Practice self-care on a weekly basis.  If you don’t have 30 minutes of personal time in your life, you don’t have a life! 


Tip #3:  Find your passion and plan around that.

Are you passionate about your business?  Are you passionate about health?  Maybe you’re passionate about financial planning, organizing, life hacks, retirement planning, nutrition, medicine, traveling, personal development, education, etc.  So many people have built brilliant and wildly successful lives and careers around their passion, and then minimized or delegated the tasks they were not that effective or efficient at.  If they can do it, so can you.  And there’s only ONE you.  You make a terrible someone else.  So “Be” you.  “Do” you. 


Final Tip:

The bedrock of your life has to be strong in order to build a good foundation.  Because it’s nearly impossible to build a skyscraper from the top down. Incorporate these “rocks” of routine and passion into your life first, and the loftier goals, hopes and dreams will naturally start to take shape.  Finally, if you want help solidifying your foundational goals, or you’re ready for those skyscraper dreams, join us at Kaia FIT South Reno because there is a chosen sisterhood of amazing women ready to help you architect, engineer and construct those dreams into reality. 

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