New Years Resolutions

As we approach the New Year, most of us are thinking about setting goals and how to have the BEST year of our lives so far. From here we make to-do lists; for vacations, better routines, more exercise, better eating, less eating out, more cooking, adding Yoga to our routine, running a 10k… and the list go on, and on, and on. Then, we immediately feel overwhelmed and decide, nope, that will never happen. So, we go back to our old ways and decide that we can’t make that many changes.

Don’t start your year like this. Learn how to make a list of changes that you can stick to, that you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself. Learn how to create goals that build off one another and keep you grounded and positive.


Step 1: Pick ONE thing that you would like to implement that will better your nutrition.

Pick something simple, and don’t try and make a huge life changing step, like deciding to do a 24 hour fast every week, or going strict Vegan when you have never tried it before. When you pick something simple and positive, you will achieve it, and you will be able to add on to it soon.

Here are some ideas:

* Drink a glass of lemon water every day

* Snack on nuts instead of chips

* Stop adding sugar to your coffee (swap it with Stevia, or try a dash of almond milk instead)

* Have 1 smoothie a week (or 2-3x a week depending on where you are)

* Have a salad a day (or 2-3x per week depending on where you are)

* Start with Meat out Mondays


Step 2: Pick ONE thing that you would like to implement that will help you with your Fitness journey.

Make a small basic change, that won’t feel like a burden. If you have not run since high school, don’t think that you can run a mile every day. Set yourself up for success.

Here are some ideas:

* Start (or end) your day with 5 minutes of stretching and deep breathing

* Park your car as far away from your work building as possible and take the stairs

* Go for a 5-10 minute walk during lunch break

* Go for a walk with your family after dinner

* Commit to going to Kaia 1-6x per week (depending on where you are now)


Step 3: Pick ONE think that you would like to add in to your lifestyle to better it.

This has to do with your daily routine. Do you feel rushed every morning? Do you eat fast food every day because you aren’t prepared? Do you eat because you are bored? Do you want to waste less plastic? They can be small, but can also lead you to continue to change your lifestyle to a more healthy, active and progressive one.

Here are some ideas:

* Pack lunch the night before

* Stop eating lunch at your desk and instead use the time for a walk or stretching

* Turn of your electronics at 9pm and connect with your family

* When you feel bored, do something active like a walk, yoga, stretching, or play a game

* Take your reusable bags to the grocery store

* Take your jars and fill them up with bulk dry goods

* Instead of going out to eat or drinks, find active dates with friends and family like hikes, walks, games, or tea instead.


Step 4: Write down your goals, check them off on your calendar and re-asses weekly.

This basic goal will help keep you on track and be flexible if you need to change it or progress to the next step. Having a written goal that you look at and say out loud every day helps immensely. Share with your friends and family, have it in your calendar and schedule it out each week. If you hit your goal, continue for another week and see how you feel. If you didn’t hit your goal ask yourself why? What can you do to reach it?


Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit. So stick with one thing at a time and keep it simple.  You are not in this alone. You're surrounded by your Kaia family, and together, we can make this a year to remember!

Wishing you and yours a verry Happy New Year and all the joy, health and happiness it can bring. 

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